Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Naked Mile

Truth to tell, American Pie: The Naked Mile is not a nudist film, nor does it pretend to be. Still, the Naked Mile is considered a real nudist event, so I thought I say a few words about this movie here.

It's a very cliched movie with forced gross out humor, but the one thing I noticed was how natural the Naked Mile scenes were. College kids having fun, despite the script trying (and failing) to "sex it up."

There was only one guy with a keg of beer. The stripping scenes were matter-of-fact and the sexiness of it wasn't very natural.

Oddly enough, it was the underwear dance party that had any sex appeal at all in the whole film.

But in the spirit of nudism, the fifty-something extras did a great job in capturing this event. Some of them, from what I gather in the bts documenatary went totally nude. Most of the men wore socks and at least one girl wore pasties. All three main college girls (the female leads) went topless, which is something I have yet to film. So kudos to them.

I've included some pics. Again, I do not own these photos and if requested, I will remove them. I will put together an article about the real Naked Mile in my next blog

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The real problems with nudism

I have often said that nudists are so busy fighting problems that don’t exist (i.e. public misconceptions, child predators, people with bad hygiene) that they often neglect problems that do exist. The following letter from my internet friend, Dario Western, best describes this problem. I share this on my filmmaking blog to show my potential audience a brief glimpse into the actual lifestyle and the conflicts therein. It’s been edited for space.

“Youth is very much into nudism but at their own pace and comfort zone. I operate a male retreat for nudists in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and the young guys who come here ask for an exclusive use for the day which is fine by me. They want to be on their own with people of their own age group which is fair enough.

“At the other end of the scale are the seniors and neither group have anything in common apart from nudism. In the middle you seem to have the 'part time ' nudists - these are the nudists who get naked once in a while. Then we have the fitness guys who take great pride in their bodies and fitness and they are great visitors.

“Unfortunately I have to say that the older community are the most difficult. They expect everything for free – “why do we have to pay - we're also nudists!”.

“When we explain that advertising, upkeep such as chlorine, mower fuel, outdoor furniture costs money, they seem to think that that should be provided by others and not them! Our day visitors are by donation and most older folk wait until I am out of the way and they depart so they do not have to donate!

“One of the worst examples was one grossly overweight guy who simply flopped down into our outdoor chairs - breaking two and then landed on our lounger beds and broke two of those. When the other guys around the pool said to this guy to be more careful he merely told them to “mind their own f—business,” and then flopped into the pool causing a tidal wave that swamped everyone around the pool. He laughed and said, “get over it” and promptly left - with no donation!

“Primarily, it is this attitude of some that nudists can do anything and go anywhere irrespective of the feelings of others that I think [it’s] causing [a] general lack of new nudists coming to venues.”

Ed. note: I do have to agree with him regarding the overweight "gentlemen." Most of my overweight friends are friendly and considerate of others and do not go around breaking furniture or drenching other pool users with an impromptu cannonball dive.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Most Beautiful Nudist Experiences

People say that I'm negative in my naturist work, and that the only nudist stories that I've written are saturated with anger and frustration. This film contains many of those experiences.

But I wouldn't have stayed in the world of naturism (such as it is in Los Angeles) if I did not experience moments of true beauty. Moments that reveal the true nature of people, and what life could be like if we did not live under the metaphorical umbrella of guilt and shame.

So I present five stories of things I've seen in the nudist world that made me realize that nudity was something that is beautiful, and that it is a world to be cherished.

1. At Rawhide Ranch, (Laguna Del Sol) A little black girl in a swimming pool playing with a white Barbie doll. Her playmate was white, about the same age as her. Both were eight, I believe. Only the white girl was playing with a black Barbie doll. And the two of them would have the two Barbies swimming together. The girl's name was Sparkle. I didn't want to disturb them. That moment was too precious.

2. I was 18 when I first went to Lupin. The first nudist family I met had three or four children. It was the mom who told me a story about how her 11 year old would call Lupin Naturist Club, the "Naked Place." That's how I came up with the title. This moment happened when I first entered the hot tub to see, for the first time in my life, a pre-adolescent girl nude. And she actually had pubic hair. I was shocked at first until I realized that I had pubes at age 11. But I just never saw anyone else's, least of all a girls'. It embarrassed me that though I was an honors' student but didn't know this simple fact.

I'll never forget her eyes, behaving like a typical teenager checking out the boys. But in this case, surrounded by her family, she was in a safe environment, and those feelings were natural. And I remembered how she smiled at me, very likely because she probably never saw an Asian man in a nudist resort before. But I can still recall the changes in her body as she was on the cusp of womanhood. It made me realize how fragile such a change was. And it was then did I realize that such beauty should never be violated.

3. At Rawhide, I played pool with a teenager named Tiffany. We both kept our towels around our waist. After a while, I forgot we didn't have clothes on. We were simply two youths playing pool. It's not that a guy wouldn't notice a girl's bare breasts, but body parts become part of your costume, in a sense.

4. At the Hawaii Skinnydippers, I had the pleasure of welcoming our first young couple. The woman, Kim, had a gorgeous figure, and this was the only time I actually felt excited about seeing a nudist in the nude. I wasn't able to play volleyball because of some injury, I think, so I just watched the game. Seeing her body move was simply poetry in motion.

5. At the Hawaii Kai Nudist Party in the year 2000. I was pretty jaded by then, and the experience became the basis for my short film, "Kelly Deerdale." Well, there was a moment when "Kelly" (aged 12) was in the changing room, and a beautiful Asian woman disrobed. Kelly looked at her as though she had just seen a goddess. Her face lit up and she smiled. I assumed the only Asian American women in her life were her teachers or her neighbors, and I'm sure, as naturist children do, she wondered how these darker, golden hued women looked like in the nude. It's only natural. So here she was, in all her glory. And for me to see this through her eyes was, not to sound too corny, just magical.

I remember a poll I once read in a naturist magazine asking about one's attitudes regarding children and nudity.

One of the choices was "the human body is disgusting. Children shouldn't see it."

I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Little did I know that there were people who actually felt that way. But if anyone could see the look on Kelly's face, one would be convinced that nudity can be a positive effect on a child's well being. It's all in the context.

These are moments that have inspired poetry and my early screenplays, but will not be in my current work. I'm sure my readers will understand why. Like Sally Mann's work proved, childhood innocence no longer communicates.

It's sad but it's the state of the world, and probably always has been. But had it not been for moments like these, I wouldn't have stayed in the naturist world for as long as I have. Keep in mind, nudists are not artists. Most of the ones I've met have no concept of art. The current artists who photograph nudes today are not nudists themselves, though their subjects may be.

I hope this situation changes because we need more filmmakers like Jan Gay and less Russ Meyers. And admittedly all of my beautiful moments involve nude girls. I simply think they are more beautiful than us men. But I hope other women can share their beautiful experiences too.

I encourage readers of this blog to contribute their "Naked Memories." And before anyone asks, none of these stories are actually filmable, not even the Barbie story, so it will not appear in the Screening Room.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Diary of a Teenage Nudist

One of my major influences in writing the Screening Room was the Brit documentary, "Diary of a Teenage Nudist" a well made, thought provoking film much maligned by naturists and non-naturists alike, and underrated by the community in general.

Amanda is one of the teens encountered by our protagonist, and when she turned fifteen, she started participating fully clothed. There is no doubt she still calls herself a nudist, and she states there have been many times when she would feel more comfortable nude, but being the only teenager made her feel very self conscious.

Most teens wonder why everyone is looking at them, because at that young age, they wouldn't believe anyone would be interested. This only turns them off to the lifestyle, and without proper education about the history of naturism and the legacy of the Wandervogel and the Natural Healing Movement, they would not feel inclined to return.

I do not own the above image, and if there are any complaints by the BBC, I will take it down. I regret I have to crop it, but I'm not familiar with the rules here on his blogspot.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Watches the Screening Room?

I've been noticing lately that the national naturist groups and most family naturist groups have paid no attention to this film. On the other hand, two naturist friendly polyamory groups have already lent their locations to the production of this film, at a very low cost.

This includes Live the Dream and the Southern California Polyamory Meetup, particularly Tom Nadeau who owns Yogaworks. And also, LANG, which is a homosexual naturist group, in a world that has in the past discriminated against gay naturists, this group has been more than generous.

They will definitely get a plug in the credits. But CFI, members of the Naturist Action Committee, Pandora, Dana Lange have just disappeared. Hopefully one or more will follow up. But I like to think there's some solidarity here.

Already, San Onofre has been threatened. How many nude beaches or clubs are we going to lose?

I hope the situation changes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Actors from Store Front starring in Screening Room

Some familiar faces from InArtMedia's Store Front, the online web-sitcom, appear in the Screening Room.

Pictured here are Cerina Da Graca (Janey), Chriss Anglin (Fred) and T. L. Young (Writer, Photographer).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened During the Course of Filming

This post was copied from my skinbook page. I had some interesting comments:

An interesting thing happened while filming my nudist feature, "The Screening Room." On the one day we had nudists on set, none of the young people (anyone under the age of 40) would go nude, nor would they walk around with towels on to imply nudity.

As it stands there are no nude scenes featuring any women under the age of 40, and only one scene with a 25 year old man nude from behind.

Though distribution and production isn't happy with this, the funny thing is . . . it works.

The story revolves around Micky Littleton, aged 16 who is a nudist geek. He believes in the ideals of nudism and is against his resort wanting to hold a beauty pageant. So what would shock and offend this nudist? Not to mention the other teen nudists?

What else but girls in bikinis? Hot girls who won't take it off to participate, not even in the swimming pool where bathing suits usually aren't allowed. Even teen nudists who participate fully clothed will be offended because here are hot girls with bodies they envy are not willing to go native. A bit hypocritical, but realistic, wouldn't you agree?

Even the nudists in the audience will be shocked, offended, disheartened, disappointed, until the situation turns around at the end. That is the essence of good drama.

So I want to put it out there to my readers. Do you think a nudist film will work with no one under 40 going nude, at least until the very end? Or what about not at all, like the Simple Life? Wouldn't that make a stronger statement about the state of American Nudism?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

San Onofre needs your help

This is not a place for political discussion, but some nudist news are too important to ignore. Though there is no room for the entire article here, I've reprinted it at my live journal. (

Long story short, they will be fining people for going nude at San Onofre beginning this week. A traditionally clothing optional beach that has been so for over 30 years.

The ignorance of these outsiders is overwhelming. Where were they thirty years ago? Nobody shuts down the church when their priests were molesting altar boys.

Details of this situation and specifics of the Cahill/Harrison Regulation and associated documents may be found on the NAC Web site:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kelly Deerdale opens at the Laemmle Grande

Kelly Deerdale, Naturist debuted last night to a packed house at the Laemmle Grande in downtown Los Angeles. The short film precedes the main feature "Orgies and the Meaning of Life." The film's star Andromeda Ambard along with executive producer Clinton H. Wallace were in attendance, along with celebrities including Kerri Kasem, Alicia Arden, Andrea Harrison and Tonya Kay from the latter film.

Also in attendance from "Kelly Deerdale, Naturist" was actor Lu Johnson, director Ramzi Abed, and writer/actor T. L. Young.

Both Kelly Deerdale and the Screening Room were inspired by the same incident that Young witnessed at his nudist club back home in Hawaii.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kelly Deerdale opens at the Laemmle Grande

Photo: Clinton H. Wallace

The Screening Room was partially inspired by an incident at the Hawaii Naturist Society. This incident became the basis of a short story which became a separate short film. And that film is . .

Kelly Deerdale, Naturist, based on T.L. Young's short story from the now defunct American Nudist website follows a young poet visiting his nudist club back home in Mililani, Hawaii. There he meets a teenage girl, whose behavior forces him to examine the realities of modern-day nudism.

This film precedes our main feature, "Orgies and the Meaning of Life" opens at the Laemmle Grande theater in downtown Los Angeles. Please join me for the movie, a Q&A with cast and crew, and then drinks at the Library Bar afterwards.

If you can't make Friday, I will also be doing a Q&A after the Saturday 7:10 PM show.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Magda Marcella plays "Joy," the female lead

From an actual conversation after Ms. Marcella was cast:

Magda: So I got a part in this film.... It's set in a nudist resort and my character is kind of a rebel.
Friend: Wait, how can you be a nudist AND a rebel?
Magda: Well... I wear clothes.

Magda Marcella is an alumni of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Born in Germany to Polish parents, she spent most of her childhood in Austin,Texas, but has lived in many other countries. She credits her stay in Moscow, Russia for her interest in acting. An avid skier, she also enjoys painting and hiking in her spare time. Magda is a member of Knockouts For Girls, a non-profit organization geared toward empowering young women in need.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More photos!

"My Britney is their lead dancer, and they are hot, hot HOT!"

All photos courtesy of Clinton H. Wallace

The Cast of the Screening Room

The cast gathers for the dance sequence.

No, this isn't a musical, but that would be cool wouldn't it. They are: Alicia Arden, Iyad Hajjaj, Magda Marcella, Cerina Da Graca, Michael Soulema and Kara Michelle Hyatt.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Photos Coming Soon!

But in the meantime, I wanted to report that we finished Day 12 of the Screening Room.

Kara Michelle Hyatt who plays Britney is officially picture wrapped. (There is a matter of a pickup shot, but that doesn't count.)

As for nudity, it's been pretty conservative so far. A topless woman here, a nude man walking by there. But there will be more. It won't be pretty in the beginning and it's likely the swimming pool scenes will have only implied nudity. Makes more of an impact that way.

For now, I'm open to suggestions about the title. The Screening Room doesn't say "nudist film." And putting the work "Naked" in it only makes it sound like a porn.

It's a comedy, so it should sound like one. Suggestions anyone?

T.L. Young

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nudist Scenes coming up in August

My nudist comedy is now in Day 11 of production. We are ready to prepare for the nudist segments.

For those of you just joining us, "The Screening Room" is a satire making fun of anti-nudist and sell-outs. Congressman Foley and the Ponderosa Sun Club, respectively are shining examples of these. I also take potshots at Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Bristol Palin.

We are filming in Los Angeles, and we aim to break the stereotype of nudists being old, out of shape or unattractive. I've been a nudist for a decade and once in a while I do run into attractive people. Nudist with healthy bodies, not plastic ones.

So if this is you, we would love to have your involvement. We can even talk about co-producers' credits as well.

We want to show the world that there are beautiful people in nudism. Scenes involve playing ping pong and participating in a disastrous beauty pageant and swimming. This is your chance to represent the nudist community.

This film has distribution and a theatrical screening is planned, in addition to a film festival strategy.

Please email Tony at

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Widget

I don't really know what this does but here it is:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Introducing Michael Soulema as Micky

Michael Soulema began acting in high school playing lead roles in such renowned productions as “ Richard III,” “A Chorus Line,” and “Guys and Dolls,” and continues to hone his skills in Theater at the University Of Southern California. He especially likes to show his comic side, making people laugh. He’s currently having a blast playing Micky in “The Screening Room.” When not acting, Michael enjoys baseball, basketball, and weight training.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Here's a glimpse of our actors in other films!

Kara Michelle Hyatt is featured in Asylum's "The 18-year-old Virgin."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Production moves along

Ramzi Abed (The Devil's Muse) has been attached as director of photography. While waiting on cast bios, I will now announce the cast.

Michael Soulema plays the lead role of Micky, a Catholic High School Student hired to be a screener at a nudist resort. Model/Actress Amanda Banoub plays the girl of his dreams, who happens to be the owner's daughter.

Rounding out the cast is Kara Michelle Hyatt who plays Britney, whose mom is grooming her to be just like her namesake, 'but a lot less skanky.'

Ms. Hyatt co-stars in the recent film, "The 18-Year-Old Virgin."

Cerina Da Graca and Michael Lehr also star.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What about nudity?

The film is set in a nudist resort, right? So does that mean, everybody gets naked ???

I guess the question was inevitable, and I didn't try to avoid the issue. The truth is as a naturist myself, I forget that most people are not in the know. Go skinny dipping for an hour or two, and you forget you don't have a bathing suit on. It happens.

This film revolves around teenagers in a nudist environment. And teenagers, as a sweeping generalization, participate fully clothed. The reasons are varied, but most people think it's because they are self-conscious. There are other theories, which I may or may not go into.

After all, we're making a movie here, not starting a philosophy chatroom. The film addresses the subject, and it should stay in the film, not here in the production news. That doesn't mean there won't be any nudity at all. There are adult characters and a plot point which even a non-nudist won't be disappointed by.

So expect to see photos being uploaded, but these actors do not appear nude. The ones who do, will not be posted here . . . at least not yet, and not uncensored. I think there are rules about that here on Blogger.

More of this soon.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Principal Photography Begins

January 4, 2009

Production began by LAX and in Burbank. Most of the Special Effects shots have been done, though there are pickups to do. On this day, for a half day shoot taking place in "Tad's Living Room," the principal cast united for the first time.

Michael Soulema is attached to play the lead role of Micky Littleton, the boy with a "gift."

Rounding out the cast is Cerina DaGraca, Kara Michelle Hyatt, Michael Lehr and Melanie Faith. Photos will be uploaded soon.

Production plans to first film all the scenes in locations seen only once. Indie films tend to double up on locations, but this shouldn't be done if we want the illusion of Willow Valley having been a four star resort on a bit of a decline.

At this time, there are plans to do behind the scenes interviews for a documentary following Naked in the 21st Century. This will run concurrently with this production.

Look for more photos soon,

T.L. Young
The Screening Room