Saturday, January 10, 2009

What about nudity?

The film is set in a nudist resort, right? So does that mean, everybody gets naked ???

I guess the question was inevitable, and I didn't try to avoid the issue. The truth is as a naturist myself, I forget that most people are not in the know. Go skinny dipping for an hour or two, and you forget you don't have a bathing suit on. It happens.

This film revolves around teenagers in a nudist environment. And teenagers, as a sweeping generalization, participate fully clothed. The reasons are varied, but most people think it's because they are self-conscious. There are other theories, which I may or may not go into.

After all, we're making a movie here, not starting a philosophy chatroom. The film addresses the subject, and it should stay in the film, not here in the production news. That doesn't mean there won't be any nudity at all. There are adult characters and a plot point which even a non-nudist won't be disappointed by.

So expect to see photos being uploaded, but these actors do not appear nude. The ones who do, will not be posted here . . . at least not yet, and not uncensored. I think there are rules about that here on Blogger.

More of this soon.


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  1. To date, at least one actress felt it was inappropriate for her character, a sixteen-year-old, should be nude in a hot tub with another boy. The scene is very clear that it contains an innocent kiss on the cheek. The boy runs away.

    Few actors can distinguish between nudity and sex. I do not blame the actress at all, but it is a sad comment on our generation that nudity is now considered an adult activity, even by children.

    t.l. young