Thursday, February 18, 2010

Separating fact from fiction

Because I felt this Kelly Deerdale blog was so important, I thought I'd reprint it here in an edited form.

"Stories are meant to grow and develop and leave the original source behind. Jokes aside, I can see that Kelly Deerdale, as a character and as a person, was growing, learning, developing, becoming the stable adult that she would become, and having a naturist background would only help her, not hinder her.

"But of course, this is an assumption. Maybe she isn't happily married, as my film states in the final caption. Very few people are, but I have a good instinct when it comes to people. I believe she ended up more stable and more mentally, physically and sexually healthier than I ever did.

"It's why I made the film in the first place, and the only reason to make a nudist film, because when you look at yourself naked, you better be prepared for what you might see."