Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened During the Course of Filming

This post was copied from my skinbook page. I had some interesting comments:

An interesting thing happened while filming my nudist feature, "The Screening Room." On the one day we had nudists on set, none of the young people (anyone under the age of 40) would go nude, nor would they walk around with towels on to imply nudity.

As it stands there are no nude scenes featuring any women under the age of 40, and only one scene with a 25 year old man nude from behind.

Though distribution and production isn't happy with this, the funny thing is . . . it works.

The story revolves around Micky Littleton, aged 16 who is a nudist geek. He believes in the ideals of nudism and is against his resort wanting to hold a beauty pageant. So what would shock and offend this nudist? Not to mention the other teen nudists?

What else but girls in bikinis? Hot girls who won't take it off to participate, not even in the swimming pool where bathing suits usually aren't allowed. Even teen nudists who participate fully clothed will be offended because here are hot girls with bodies they envy are not willing to go native. A bit hypocritical, but realistic, wouldn't you agree?

Even the nudists in the audience will be shocked, offended, disheartened, disappointed, until the situation turns around at the end. That is the essence of good drama.

So I want to put it out there to my readers. Do you think a nudist film will work with no one under 40 going nude, at least until the very end? Or what about not at all, like the Simple Life? Wouldn't that make a stronger statement about the state of American Nudism?

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