Saturday, November 7, 2009

Diary of a Teenage Nudist

One of my major influences in writing the Screening Room was the Brit documentary, "Diary of a Teenage Nudist" a well made, thought provoking film much maligned by naturists and non-naturists alike, and underrated by the community in general.

Amanda is one of the teens encountered by our protagonist, and when she turned fifteen, she started participating fully clothed. There is no doubt she still calls herself a nudist, and she states there have been many times when she would feel more comfortable nude, but being the only teenager made her feel very self conscious.

Most teens wonder why everyone is looking at them, because at that young age, they wouldn't believe anyone would be interested. This only turns them off to the lifestyle, and without proper education about the history of naturism and the legacy of the Wandervogel and the Natural Healing Movement, they would not feel inclined to return.

I do not own the above image, and if there are any complaints by the BBC, I will take it down. I regret I have to crop it, but I'm not familiar with the rules here on his blogspot.

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