Sunday, August 9, 2009

Magda Marcella plays "Joy," the female lead

From an actual conversation after Ms. Marcella was cast:

Magda: So I got a part in this film.... It's set in a nudist resort and my character is kind of a rebel.
Friend: Wait, how can you be a nudist AND a rebel?
Magda: Well... I wear clothes.

Magda Marcella is an alumni of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Born in Germany to Polish parents, she spent most of her childhood in Austin,Texas, but has lived in many other countries. She credits her stay in Moscow, Russia for her interest in acting. An avid skier, she also enjoys painting and hiking in her spare time. Magda is a member of Knockouts For Girls, a non-profit organization geared toward empowering young women in need.

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