Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kelly Deerdale opens at the Laemmle Grande

Photo: Clinton H. Wallace

The Screening Room was partially inspired by an incident at the Hawaii Naturist Society. This incident became the basis of a short story which became a separate short film. And that film is . .

Kelly Deerdale, Naturist, based on T.L. Young's short story from the now defunct American Nudist website follows a young poet visiting his nudist club back home in Mililani, Hawaii. There he meets a teenage girl, whose behavior forces him to examine the realities of modern-day nudism.

This film precedes our main feature, "Orgies and the Meaning of Life" opens at the Laemmle Grande theater in downtown Los Angeles. Please join me for the movie, a Q&A with cast and crew, and then drinks at the Library Bar afterwards.

If you can't make Friday, I will also be doing a Q&A after the Saturday 7:10 PM show.

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