Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Naked Mile

Truth to tell, American Pie: The Naked Mile is not a nudist film, nor does it pretend to be. Still, the Naked Mile is considered a real nudist event, so I thought I say a few words about this movie here.

It's a very cliched movie with forced gross out humor, but the one thing I noticed was how natural the Naked Mile scenes were. College kids having fun, despite the script trying (and failing) to "sex it up."

There was only one guy with a keg of beer. The stripping scenes were matter-of-fact and the sexiness of it wasn't very natural.

Oddly enough, it was the underwear dance party that had any sex appeal at all in the whole film.

But in the spirit of nudism, the fifty-something extras did a great job in capturing this event. Some of them, from what I gather in the bts documenatary went totally nude. Most of the men wore socks and at least one girl wore pasties. All three main college girls (the female leads) went topless, which is something I have yet to film. So kudos to them.

I've included some pics. Again, I do not own these photos and if requested, I will remove them. I will put together an article about the real Naked Mile in my next blog

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  1. I should also mention that Eugene Levy's character compares the event to a "Roman Orgy." They had ONE guy with a keg of beer giving one shot at the most to a few runners going by.

    And that's the only bit of alcohol involved. Everyone just ran . . . and ran, dealing with a more mature crowd than you'd think would exist. Only one guy with a camera???

    Some orgy!