Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Basic Information about The Screening Room

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Pacific Invasion is dedicated to bridging the gap between Hollywood and Hawaii. Partnered with Clinton Wallace of Photomundo International both Young and Wallace have worked in the film industry in Los Angeles for many years, our contacts reach far and wide, dedicated to producing quality films under budget.

CREATIVE OVERVIEW: Our films have an island theme, an idyllic paradise threatened by outside influences, told through an Asian-American perspective.

PRODUCERS: T.L. Young, Clinton Wallace

MARKETING STRATEGY: The Screening Room is currently scheduled to be released in 2009. Theatrical run is available and sales agents for cable television and foreign sales have already shown interest. Production plans to start a promotional tour through naturist regional gatherings and events which are held across the country. There are currently over 250 such resorts and businesses in the United States alone.

PROJECT COMPARISONS: The Screening Room combines two film traditions, the teen comedy (i.e. “American Pie” and “Not Another Teen Movie”) with the nudist films of the 1960s, (“Monster at Camp Sunshine” and “Garden of Eden”) updated with a modern sensibility. There is a science fiction element which brings about a motif of dark comedy.

The latest news

We are currently filming more special effects shots this weekend.

Watch this space for photos:

In Production Now

Day 0.0. Filming commenced at the InArtMedia studio in Culver City. Because these are second unit shots and are unique to the plot, the cast and content of these scenes will not be posted. Overall, everything went well.

In addition to these shots, we will see three teens in a chatroom reacting to the lead character, Micky’s news, that he works in a nudist resort. I was unable to shoot the first chatroom scene, as the actress was unavailable.

Day 0.1, principal cast members showed to perform their SPFX scenes, but we only filmed Alicia Arden and Kara Michelle Hyatt as Tiffany and Britney. Actress Kimmarie Johnson who is playing the resort owner, could not attend to participate in a preliminary reading.

No pickups, unless Alicia is available to be a severed head. I don't know if we have that technology. I was thinking of covering her in a white blanket, but you can't control fake blood like that.

Michael Lehr is cast as Tad, the Asian American jokester. Cerina DeGraca is cast as Janey and has shot some stills for us to be used in the storyline.

The beheading scene looks great, better than we thought.

Now the drawbacks. The tenant in charge of the space is overcharging and though I’d like to return to do the fight scene, chances are we will not. There are filming ordinances in West Hollywood anyway, and we don’t want to raise the noise level.