Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where do you draw the line at children's behavior? There are trust issues, but when you hear that nudist children have sleepovers, does this mean that their environment is too permissive. They sit in the hot tub together, but would they be allowed to shower together? What about sleeping beside one another? And we'd be foolish to think that naturist kids never touch one another. Well, from my experience, seeing how these children interact, I've never been concerned. If I had a child, I would feel perfectly comfortable letting him or her socialize with other nudist children simply because the trust factor is so high. I would know that my child has friends who will look out for him or her. Children know what is appropriate and not, and though I've seen nudist children joke unabashedly, I've never worried about them. So if this were true, and any other parent, or even a Congressman tries to check out a naturist resort, I would safely assume that he would find nothing to be concerned about. Unless he were looking for trouble. It's easy to attach even the slightest bit of concern on a nothing issue. A casual touch between children could easily escalate and be exaggerated in the adult mind. But have there been any cases? And if there have been, is it so difficult to take care of? Sometimes I think we neglect the presence of common sense.

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