Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Real Joy Sarkin

Joy Sarkin, the lead female character in the Screening Room, is obviously an offshoot of Kelly Deerdale (short film: Kelly Deerdale, Naturist.) She is the club resort owner's daughter and admittedly I have never met nudist club owner's children.

Until today.

Olive Dell Ranch is run by second generation naturists, and I only spent a few seconds talking to her during a pool volleyball game. In those few seconds, I suddenly felt like apologizing to her for the way I portray Joy in my film.

This was a girl with a lot of self confidence, a good head on her shoulders and very mature. I could tell that just from a strong first impression.

In contrast, the local nudist girl who became the basis of Kelly Deerdale was arrogant, selfish and sexually irresponsible. She was flaunting herself while at nudist functions and generally belittling her peers, despite only being a year older than they were.

I used to blame it on her parents. Certainly the short film showed that, though I liked her dad, and respected his nudist philosophy. I personally never blamed him.

Since today, I now understand that she has to be held accountable for her behavior. Children know what it right and what is wrong. There is no excuse for the things rumored of her, all of which were true. My cousin is no liar, and I trust what he said.

Kelly (not her real name) should be ashamed of herself. I only wish she had the Olive Dell girls to hang with. They would have set her straight. But even then, she still has to think for herself and make better decisions. Her behavior was unbecoming of a nudist, and as a nudist she should have known better. You can't claim she simply didn't know what a nudist was about. The information was out there.

Nudists are supposed to be examples, innovators, free thinkers and influential ones at that. And it all starts when you're young. Some young nudists grow up to run nudist resorts. Others do not. Very few are really messed up.

Kelly wasn't the child of a resort owner or even a non-landed club owner.

Joy Sarkin is, and at this writing, it may be hard for a nudist to believe that a resort owner's daughter would behave the way she would. But I think it's credible. And the story is written and now must be told.

Tony Young

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