Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Nudity in Manoa Valley Theater's production of "Hair"

This is reprinted from their Audition notice:

nudity: The script does not stipulate the use of nudity and the MVT production will be produced without nudity. Nudity is not integral to the "telling of the story" in Hair.

I come from Hawaii, and I feel ashamed for this. Lack of the nude scene in Hair is an insult to the original artists and though I've been told by at least one director that Hair has nothing to do with the nudist movement, I agree in part. Act One where the nude scene is placed is not consistent with the nudist ideals.

Act Two however, particularly within the context of the song, "Walking in Space" is very consistent, and though I do not credit the hippies with anything related to nudism, I remind them of this lyric:

"How dare they try to end this beauty. How dare they try to end this beauty."

This is all I will say on the matter. I have lost all faith in the artists in Hawaii at this point. Quite frankly their conservative mindset has, then and now, made me sick to my stomach.

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