Monday, October 5, 2015

Help "Micky's Summer Resort" tour the United States

!n 2007, I started a film called, “The Screening Room" which has since been retitled, "Micky’s Summer Resort.” Budget setbacks caused a lot of delays, but the film has finally been completed. Still we need a little more to improve the special effects. I am crowdfunding to put in the finishing touches and organize public screenings.
 This is a sci-fi comedy, similar to Meatballs meets the Twilight Zone in a nudist park and we need your help to fund a promotional tour to clubs, resorts and theaters across the country. The success of this film is crucial to the future of Pacific Invasion. Already there are plans to film more movies here in Hawaii and expand into print, web series and magazine. If you have a blog or website, add this button: 

 If you have a facebook page, add this link: Even a small contribution will be very helpful. I am also appearing at RAW Artists later this year. 
Do spread the word to family and friends. We have a funny film, and the success of this film will lead to expanding my brand at Pacific Invasion Media. We are already making plans to do more films shot in Hawaii.

Hope to see you all again soon,

Tony Young

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