Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Please post a review on

We are putting out a promotional campaign for American Nudist, and those of you following this blog, please let people know what you think of our film: American Nudist.

We need to make our presence known on Blockbuster Online and the IMDB message boards as well.


  1. I just watched the film and I'm definitively going to watch it again in a few days, and then I'll be posting my review. I am impressed with the plot. As a nudist and as an artist, I can see the moral/ethical/mental struggle of the protagonist and the multiple ramifications of every word and every action. The treatment of the story is ambitious! The music is awesome, it adds so much to the mood of the film. I wish the recording of the dialogs had been better, and subtitles or closed captions would have been a nice addition. Anyway, I'm definitively a fan.

  2. I haven't actually watched the film, but the cover made me feel it has nothing whatsoever to do with nudism. Why are there three sexy women on the cover? Why is one wearing a bikini top? And why do all three of them have a sexy look in their eyes? Sorry, but it really screams "cheap porno" rather than nudist video. I can only hope this is just a bad marketing decision and that the actual film has something to do with nudism.