Wednesday, August 24, 2011

American Nudist in Post Production

Micky's Summer Resort's sister film, "American Nudist" is currently in post. Here's a few thousand words on the film.

Taylor Kong (played by T. L. Young) is an artist, photographer and screenwriter working in the heart of Hollywood. Yearning for the simpler days when he used to run a nudist club in Hawaii, he feels as though he lost his muse. Lacking inspiration, he spends his spare time watching his old nudist films, while entertaining a parade of former and current models and lovers: a nude model (Nicole D’Angelo), a naturist colleague (Alicia Arden) and Playboy Cybergirl (Josie Goldberg.)

Then one day, he falls for an aspiring actress (Magda Marcella) whom he takes under his wing and takes her on a journey through the history of American Naturism.

Also starring Tiffany Bowyer ("Playback,") Simmin Yu, Leigh Davis, Arielle Brachfeld (both from "The Obsession," Sandy Colindres and Megan Cordero.

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