Monday, November 1, 2010

The real problem with family naturism

From talking to the young people at Olive Dell, both children and parents have remarked to me about how family unfriendly camps like Glen Eden and Deer Park has become. Much of the problem has to do with GE's lack of a youth program and how they allegedly discourage family membership. Deer Park has a youth program director but most of their kids have flown the coop. One child told me it was the most "unkid-liest place" he's ever visited. There's also a matter of a school tax that GE tries to avoid should they have children as members. Hap Hathaway himself told me this really is no excuse since they have to pay the school tax anyway.

Olive Dell on the other hand has an active "juniors" program, weekly activities and their kitchen staff is made up of their college members. So I see a real a correlation between youth involvement and the future of a naturist resort, particularly in attracting younger members.

To be continued . . .

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  1. Yes we definalty need to actively recruit families they are the future. Withouth them we won't continue much longer. I raised my kids in naturism and still am lucky enough to be able to take one of my grand-children to the club. It's really a very good experience for families and they can all use some good values. Please keep on this story and keep us updated.