Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Pageant Scene is Coming Soon

Casting has begun for the Pageant Scene in the Screening Room. As some of you actors reading this may know, for some odd reason our IMDB listing has been removed.

Needless to say, our people are looking into this.

Now you naturists following this blog are wondering, "What's a beauty pageant doing in a nudist movie?" Nudism is about body acceptance. We should accept all body types.

Trust me, that's exactly what the scene is about . . . sort of.

My beliefs in nudism is more old school, common to Germany in the turn of the century. They believed in Lebensreform or Life Reform, which called for a change in just about everything from religion to marriange to social mores. Can we honestly say that modern day naturists feel the same way?

More to come.

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